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UAW-LETC St. Louis has provided job training and employment services to the St. Louis and surrounding communities for more than 15 years. Strong, established partnerships with local organizations, businesses, colleges and schools, government agencies, and employers, support UAW-LETC St. Louis' efforts to assist the community in attaining self-sufficiency, and enhance job skills to develop a stable and high-quality workforce.

UAW-LETC utilizes their partnerships to provide services related to job training and re-training, employment, and career advancement. UAW-LETC St. Louis primarily focuses on incumbent workers, dislocated workers, unemployed individuals, and those interested in career advancement. 

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More About UAW-LETC St. Louis:
UAW-LETC began operations at its St. Louis site in 1997, to assist in meeting the requirements of UAW/UAW-LETC partnership programs under State of Missouri Dislocated Worker grants, namely providing job training and placement assistance to dislocated UAW members in Missouri. Since its inception, UAW-LETC has successfully operated DOL grants to provide expertise in recruitment, assessment, training, case management, and placement to Missourians seeking employment services. Below is a brief history of the grant program in St. Louis.

·         American Apprenticeship Initiative: In partnership with the International Union, UAW, this DOL grant will create 12 new apprenticeships, and provide registered apprenticeship training in UAW skilled trades jobs (i.e. Electricians, Millwrights, Toolmakers, Pipefitters, etc.) to more than 1,000 workers in under-represented populations.
·         State of Missouri Apprenticeship Program: Provides pre-apprenticeship training opportunities to dislocated workers in the Advanced Manufacturing and Diesel Mechanic fields.
·         UAW Comprehensive Incumbent Worker Training: Provided Advanced Personal Environment Controls and Advanced Electronics Diagnostics training and job placement services to incumbent workers in Earth City, MO.
·         St. Louis Energy Partnership: Offered training for hybrid/electric auto technicians, weatherization specialists, wind & energy auditors, and solar panel installers to displaced workers, unemployed individuals, veterans, and incumbent workers.
·         MoManufacturing WIN Consortium: Recruitment, assessment, development, and placement provided to dislocated and incumbent manufacturing workers in nine geographic regions across Missouri. Training included industrial maintenance, welding, machinery, production, and transportations & logistics.
·         Regional Collaboration Center: The Regional Collaboration Center was opened to provide career center services to dislocated Chrysler and Chrysler supplier workers in Fenton, MO.
·         Ford Dislocated Worker Program: This program was opened in UAW Locals 249 and 710 union halls in Kansas City, MO, to serve dislocated Ford and Ford supplier workers during the 18 months the Claycomo Ford plan was idled.​​


Job Opportunities

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Nick Robinson - Assistant to the President 

As a member of the UAW for over 40 years, Nick has spent his career working to build careers and better the quality of life for families across the country. In addition to managing state and federal workforce development grant programs to assist dislocated workers and underserved citizens, he has also served the community in many locally-elected official positions. Nick was an International Representative for the UAW International Union's political department for more than fifteen years, which provided him the opportunity to work with national and state elections in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, in support of legislation to positively impact the lives of working families. As a valued adviser, Nick has been influential in recommending committed and qualified judges to Governors of the State of Missouri throughout his tenure. He currently serves on the Missouri Judicial Commission, assisting the selection of Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges for the State of Missouri, and also serves as President of the UAW Midwest States CAP Council. 

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