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Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.
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The UAW Labor Employment and Training Corporation (UAW-LETC) is a private non-profit, national labor management organization that has been operating federal, state and local workforce programs since its inception in 1984. UAW-LETC has finance and administrative staff experienced in operating workforce development grant funded programs.

Our corporate offices are located in Cerritos, California. We currently operate workforce development programs in five states, including America's Job Center, Job Corps, and other workforce development programs.

Our Mission

UAW-LETC's mission is to support collaborations between labor, government, and employers to provide resources for:

Attaining individual self-sufficiency;
Enhancing job skills to develop a stable and high-quality workforce;
Improving quality of life through partnerships between business, unions, social services agencies, and faith-based organizations; and
Provide customized training programs.


1984: UAW-LETC was created as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit public benefit corporation. California programs formerly under UAW International Union became UAW-LETC programs. Initial contracts included Comprehensive Employment and Training Act programs in Long Beach, Orange County, Los Angeles City, and Los Angeles County, Rockwell B-1B tile installation, and New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) team training under the California state Employment Training Panel (ETP).

Douglas Aircraft/UAW-LETC customized training began for Aerospace mechanics in South Gate, CA. These training programs ran through 1990 and placed more than 1,900 mechanics at Douglas Aircraft (later McDonnell Douglas).
California state ETP issued a contract to UAW-LETC, in partnership with General Motors (GM), to implement team training of workers at the Van Nuys, CA,GM plant.
UAW-LETC-operated job recruitment center opened in South-Central Los Angeles, making employment opportunities more accessible to the area's residents.
The Job Corps Advanced Automotive Training Program in Clearfield, UT, transitioned from UAW Region VI to UAW-LETC. Two additional training sites were established in Morganfield, KY, in 1989, and Edison, NJ, in 1990.

UAW International Union programs in the east assigns their employment and training contracts to UAW-LETC. New UAW-LETC programs offering education and job readiness training begin in New York, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.
UAW-LETC is selected by the Port of New York/New Jersey to operate the Career Center at the World Trade Center in New York City.
Through a partnership with the City of Long Beach, UAW-LETC develops the wining proposal to establish a Job Corps Center at the former Naval Base Housing site in Long Beach.
Partnership programs begin under Department of Labor (DOL) demonstration grants, including Apprenticeship Preparation and Dislocated Worker programs.
UAW-LETC is awarded the contract to operate the Southeast Los Angeles One Stop Center.

UAW-LETC is awarded customized training funds to develop on-the job training (OJT) employment opportunities for ex-offenders in Newark and Bridgeton, NJ.
Additional partnership programs are established under DOL demonstration grants, including Childcare, Apprenticeship Development, and Incumbant Worker programs.
UAW-LETC is named a grantee of the Energy Training Partnership grant program, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Concentrating primarily on communities impacted by auto industry restructuring, UAW-LETC provided Missourians training and placement services in the energy efficient and renewable energy industries, as well as green occupations within other industries. 
Through the Kansas City Ford Project, Regional Collaboration Center-Missouri, and NUMMI Reployment Center, UAW-LETC opened career centers to serve workers laid off from automotive plants in MO and CA. These centers incorporated a unique "peer counselor model", where many of the individuals who worked in the career centers where those who had been laid off from the automotive companies. UAW-LETC's idea to have familiar, trusted people help workers through their layoff was highly successful.